“Diamantakos Domaine” in Greek wine exhibition in Munich

“Diamantakos Domaine” and winemaker George Diamantakos, was the representative of area POP Naoussa, in the annual exhibition of Greek wine organized on October 20, 2014 by the team Vindusud.de. at the Königshof hotel in Munich, Germany.

The exhibition was a success thanks to the professional contribution Vindusud.de team led by internationally renowned chef-sommelier Stéphane Thuriot and Basil and Pilar Melantini doing an excellent job with the Greek wine in the region of Bavaria.

Participated 16 Wineries from various wine regions of Greece while also hosted two wine seminars for the public by sommelier Jean-Jacques Marcel and Theodore Anastasiadis and presented the latest developments in the Greek wine market.

The various wine regions of Greece traditionally produce award-winning wines offered for tasting. These wines have their quality as a common denominator. Greek winemakers have spoken directly with people who showed enthusiasm for the wines and the many and extensive information on the latest developments in the Greek wine market.

The event was also attended by the famous German journalist – sommelier Paula Bosch who pointed out how well certified wines of Greece have great potential in the German market, thanks to the diversity, quality and excellent taste