Dionysus, Silenus and Bacchus in Imathia. Old myths and recent archaeological finds

How much it costs an estate in the vineyards of ancient Mieza? How far back in time reduced the production and consumption of grapes in the region of Naoussa? What were mustification techniques used during the Hellenistic and Roman times in Imathia?

The archaeologist George Mallios PhD, presents during the events “City of Wine 2014” in the  vinery Diamantakou, on Sunday, December 14 at 12:00 pm, the latest archaeological finds on viticulture and winemaking from the prehistoric to the late Roman period in the area which now coincides with the zone Xinomavro Naoussa. Moreover outlines the presence of God, the presence of indirect and suggestive, in myths found on Mount Vermio. Even mention in archaeological finds from the area depicting the god and members of Dionysian theater company and discuss interesting topics of the cult of Dionysus in the cities of Imathia.