The Domaine's proprietary vineyard is 4,1 hectares, located at a height of 300 m. on the foot of mountain Vermion, and it has an eastern exposure, being protected from the cold northern WINDS. The climate of the area is considered to be continental, meaning warm summers, which makes it especially appropriate for viniculture. 

The soil has medium to mild stony texture its pH is slightly alkaline. The calcareous soil can be heated easily, favours vegetation, accelerates the maturation of the wine and gives wines with rich colours, aromas, flavours and body and well-structured tannins so that they are amenable to aging. 

The vineyard's orientation and slope, the special microclimate and most importantly the terroir encourages the vine development and fruitage, while ensuring good maturation and excellent quality of raw material.

 The varieties grown are Xinomavro and Preknadi (aka Priknadi, Prekniariko or Prekna), which are both indigenous. The land distribution is 3ha of xinomavro and 1ha of prekniariko.

 The vineyard of the Xinomavro variety was planted in late 70s, whereas in 2006 a Southeast-facing slope was planted with the unique and somewhat "forgotten" indigenous variety Preknadi. The 2008 wine harvest was the first one and the winemaking gave encouraging samples, confirming the notable characteristics of this variety.

 Most of the work in the vinery is manual labour, which allows only limited plant spoilage and the collection of better raw materials.