The winery of Domaine Diamantakos is situated at the heart of the vinery. It includes areas for wine production, bottling and storage, fully equipped with the modern machinery, thus ensuring the best conditions throughout the stages of winemaking.

The cellar remains an ideal environment for the life of the wine, with all necessary conditions such as controlled temperature, humidity and ventilation levels, quiet atmosphere and dim lighting. Here, in the oaken barrels of US and French origin, "Naoussa" is being matured.

At the friendly environment of the Domaine, the visitor has the opportunity to taste the aromas and flavours of our products, enjoying the breathtaking view along with the warm hospitality of Diamantakos family.

Giorgos Diamantakos, maintaining a fully equipped enology laboratory, is personally and thoroughly taking care of the wines through all production stages.

We offer enological analysis, winemaking consults and enological products. Moreover, you can find a variety of extraordinary serving suggestions, as well as many wine accessories.